Two Strangers

When two strangers meet, misfortune may follow.
One greets with an outstretched hand and a smile,
The other with a python tongue, venomous and spits bile.
One walks away ashamed, the other in spite they wallow.
Next morning, one might wish to reconcile,
Whilst the other won’t spare it a thought tomorrow.

When two strangers meet, nothing may transpire.
One may speak and be kind but find nothing to adore,
The other is much the same, seeing no potential for rapport.
They walk away feeling nothing, neither joy nor ire.
Later, one might wish there could have been something more,
Whilst the other does not share that desire.

When two strangers meet, friendship may blossom.
They both find something to hold onto with a strong grip,
A shoulder for tears, a consoling word, a single quip,
Their mistakes and dark pasts are forgiven and forgotten.
They rapidly climb that ladder of friendship,
But it all starts with that ‘Hello’ at the bottom.

When two strangers meet, they may become lovers.
Hand in hand, lips to lips, their hearts tether,
Each other’s arms: the warmest blanket for the coldest weather,
Their eyes will witness what the other sees, all the world’s wonders.
Little did they know that when Chance brought them together,
It would be day one of never wishing to be without the other.

Published in The Book of Beginnings by the University of Essex Writing Society, 2016.

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