Escapril 2021 – Day 5: Here’s what I remember…

This month, I’m trying to force myself to be more creative. I had intended to follow the rules of the Escapril challenge. Alas, I missed the first four days and I’m doubtful I’ll be able to keep up this year. But on the days I am able to dip in, I’ll share my poems here, too.

For those who don’t know, Escapril is the brainchild of poet and novelist Savannah Brown, who challenges the poets of Instagram to write and post a poem every day of National Poetry Month. Whilst Brown wouldn’t call herself a leader of the challenge, she is the “managerial ghost” of the @letsescapril Instagram account.

The prompt today is here’s what I remember.” I knew from the get-go I wanted this to be a personal piece, the prompt lends itself perfectly to it.

I expected the poem to be a direct transcription of very real events, and that’s certainly how it began. But about halfway, I decided writing events as they literally happened was less honest than the truth of the feelings that transpired.

People come into our lives, and I don’t know about you, but it’s not uncommon that I forget the very first time I meet someone. There are people who make a strong first impression, and sometimes that can be all they leave. But other times, an unextraordinary greeting may lead to that person growing into a very special person in your life.

This poem is heavily inspired by such a person in my life. But I’d like to think it’s dedicated to all the relationships that take us by surprise.

Handwritten poem on a dotted page in Bullet Journal.

And for those who find my handwriting an acquired taste:

Here’s what I remember about the day we first met:
you impressed the girl I wanted to impress.
Unfortunately, that’s about it.
But the girl I failed to impress
was so impressed with you
that we met for a second time.
I don’t remember if we made eye contact,
or if you ever said a word. But I later learned
you had listened intently to me.
The first meeting I can remember felt off,
like the universe had goofed by pairing us.
We just couldn’t find words to exchange.
Then one early evening, we did find words,
stories we’d never exchanged with anyone else.
When we paused for breath, it was early morning.
I saw what I’d stupidly missed before
and was so stupidly impressed with you
that I fell in awe with you.
I just wish I had asked
if I had impressed you, too.

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