Sunday Sharing #1: How to be a better non-fiction reader, Scots word of the day, goblincore and more

In my newsletters, I like to share links to stuff I’ve read/watched. For both August and September, I had a wealth of links worthy of sharing but had to cut down. As an experiment, I thought I’d attempt to compile things I want to share into a weekly post. Then I’ll select some highlights for the newsletter. This may be a regular feature, it might disappear and never resurface. Depends on how much I like the structure.

Also, when I discussed the idea with a friend, she pointed out that this might be useful for myself. It’ll serve as an online record of links to parts of the web I’ve enjoyed reading/viewing that I can look back on and find again if I need to.

I’ve longed for a method of logging what I find online. Unless I find a better way, this will hopefully serve.

Here are 10 things from the past week that I felt were worth sharing…


  1. How to be a better non-fiction reader
  1. Sam Missingham, one of my favourite people I follow on Twitter, sent out a new issue of her newsletter The Empowered Author. She talks about how Salman Rushdie and Chuck Palahniuk have started serialising fiction on Substack. She also includes a wealth of useful links on book marketing, writing a good first page, authenticity reading and more. If you’re an aspiring author like me, I’d strongly recommend subscribing.
  1. Deborah Tuerkheimer on Rose McGowan, Harvey Weinstein, and How the Public Discredits Victims’ Stories for LitHub.
  1. I know I share Mic Wright’s Conquest of the Useless often, but I do thoroughly enjoy every single newsletter. His coverage of the Boris Johnson interview with Andrew Marr alongside Keir Starmer writing for The Sun in “The swine on the cliff: Boris Johnson is pig-ignorant and Keir Starmer is a hungry hog for Farmer Rupert…” is particularly excellent.
  1. Did you know cottagecore has an anti-capitalist sibling? It’s called goblincore. I’d never heard of it before, so I found Electric Literature‘s list of “8 Goblincore Books to Help You Embrace Your Inner Goblin” very interesting.
  1. For years I’ve lived with depression. It comes in cycles and is unpredictable. But I have noticed a change in the past year or two. A lot of my worst thoughts were centred on me and my own perceived failings. Whereas now, most of the time, my darker thoughts have a more existential theme to them. For Healthline, Crystal Raypole has put a name to what I’ve found myself feeling much of the time in her article, “Existential Depression: What to Do When Your Search for Meaning Overwhelms You.”
  1. Ed Zitron on why NFTs are an even more insidious form of grift than regular crypto products.


  1. Casetteboy’s dropped another great mash-up:
  1. Abigail Thorn has released another great episode of Philosophy Tube: “Islamophobia: An Analysis.”
  1. Final one: I discovered Len Pennie’s Twitter account where she also posts her TikTok series, “Scots word of the day.”