The Terrorgraph

Happy Halloween! Here’s a poem I wrote about the pedlars of terrors whose daily horror stories are written to make us fear the oppressed and worship the oppressors:

We’ve got tales that terrify
and monsters we love to make.
And we’ve got a devilish deal
to help you shock the sheeple:
You buy one fear,
get all the others free!
We’ll turn the penniless into predators
and say the penny hoarders are prey.
We’ll find you an abuser to defend
and a victim we can all blame.
Let us justify starving children
and bombing nations across the sea.
We’ll call the dead ones terrorists and
scapegoat survivors who come to our shores.
Don’t worry, we won’t mention the poor
except to shame them and blame them.
We’ll never question the rich scaremongers,
we are paid to be your stenographers.
Whatever you fiddle, whoever you diddle,
we’ll smear all critics as cultists and commies.
And when they come for us, no-one will listen,
our screams of being silenced will be deafening.