Sunday Sharing #7: Rewilding your attention, artificial loneliness, why Taylor Swift is the perfect vehicle for talking about books and more

A cowboy rides along the rails and looks out onto the near desolate fictional state of New Austin in Red Dead Redemption 2. Screenshot from Jacob Geller’s video “Artificial Loneliness.”

There’s little to share on my end this week. The past seven days were filled with exciting ideas and plans but very little action. However, if those plans develop like I hope they will then I’ll have a wealth of things to write about in the near future.

One idea I’m entertaining is moving these weekly logs to a monthly basis so that the posts are meatier and more consistent in the volume of content. I’m also considering increasing the frequency of my newsletter. A definitive decision probably won’t be made until the new year, so stay tuned.

For now, though, here are 10 things from around the web I read/viewed that I felt were worth sharing…

  1. Looking through my watch history, I’d consumed many more YouTube videos than I had realised. One channel I’ve got back into is Lazy Masquerade. Scary stories were a good companion whilst I skectched the outline of a new fictional map. It’s hard to pick a favourite to recommend, but his unsolved mysteries series is a popular choice and full of cases that range from chilling to heartwrenching. Some will even make your blood boil. | YouTube
  1. Clive Thompson offers nine ways to “rewild your attention.” | Medium
  1. Amy Long, who runs the @taylorswift_as_books Instagram account, is interviewed by Jonathan Russell Clark on why Taylor Swift is the perfect vehicle through which to talk about books. | LitHub
  1. Carol Rumens on the power of erasure poetry. | The Guardian
  1. I’ve recently become interested in personal essays and have considered writing my own. Seeking out some tips, I found Nicki Porter’s 2020 article “5 things a personal essay needs to succeed (and sell).” | The Writer
  1. Video essays about video games have attracted my attention a lot recently. My current obsession with Red Dead Redemption 2 led me to discovering Jacob Geller’s channel, specifically his video on artificial loneliness. Most interesting from an artistic perspective was his essay on uncanny reality, discussing the FMVs in Silent Hill 2 before moving onto the creepily bizarre psychological horror game Devotion. | YouTube
  1. “Rightly condemning antisemitism is not incompatible with a passionate critique of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine” writes Owen Jones in his latest column on how Palestinians are not only denied a state, but now denied a say in their own future. | The Guardian
  1. Lawrence Yeo discusses the nothingness of money. | More To That
  1. Stumbled across Rachel Connolly’s article why changing your mind is good and not incompatible with political convictions. | Novara Media
  1. Finally, I’ve mostly enjoyed the latest series of Doctor Who, this time a series-long arc titled Flux. One of my favourite WhoTubers, DAVIS, has posted reviews of each episode so far — all of which mirror opinions similar to my own. But I’d also like to highlight his excellent series “BROKE CANON” where he shares all of the most bonkers additions to Who lore from all the extended media. It’s consistently fantastic. | YouTube