November poems (2021)

Poem titled Falling for Fire written on an old parchment background with a shaded outline of a flame beside the stanzas.

Falling for Fire

When I fell for the fire,
I knew I’d get burned.
A desire destined for ash
or a scar if it spurned.
So I settled for sitting beside it,
a mere shadow in its glow.
I’ll confess to the embers
so that the flames never know.
But another came for the warmth.
All turned to smoke, and l went cold.
Snatched my light and left me cinders,
now they have the fire I was afraid to hold.
Poem titled Painfully Normal written on an old parchment background.

Painfully Normal

All the happy people quit speaking my language
The sad souls are laughing at my jokes again
Everyone’s telling new tales, I’m stuck with old stories
Too many remember versions of me I wish dead
Yesterday is for joys to miss and mistakes to regret
Tomorrow is for all the exciting things I will not do
Today is to waste on quick thrills and shaky smiles
Today is when waking becomes a little more mournful
I still can’t tell a love story in first-person
I still have shelter, still don’t feel at home
If money talks, I don’t have enough to listen
Hope still sings but her voice is oh so tired
The leeches are moaning about the taste of blood again
All my heroes turned into clowns and vampires
You can’t trust promise, even if the future had any
Friends become strangers, and strangers get stranger
But I’m okay, this is all painfully normal.
Poem titled Melancholy of Mine written on an old parchment background and floating above the shaded outline of clouds.

Melancholy of Mine

Pardon my oversharing
and thank you for caring,
but please stop your staring,
your judgement is overbearing.
I assure you I am fine,
I could not write a line
without this melancholy of mine.
Through dark clouds I shine.