Poem from Google search results: “suggestions for tories”

Poem titled "suggestions for tories" where google's suggested searches are marked by bold text.

Back in December, I read Brian Bilston’s Christmas poem he created from auto-completed Google search suggestions. I thought I’d try and make a poem via the same method but about the Tories instead.

how many tories are there
how many tories are landlords
how many tories are millionaires
how many tories are in the house of lords
why do tories hate teachers
tories hate the working class
why do tories want to privatise the nhs
tories are for the rich
how are the tories still in power
how do the tories get away with it
how can we get rid of the tories
will the tories ever lose
tories are a disgrace
the tories need to go
the tories are openly rigging the system
the tories have destroyed the uk