15 things I could blog about but currently don’t

During the catch-up call I had with my friend Ellie the other night, she described her week as having been filled with thoughts rather than events. This has really stuck with me as it perfectly describes my week almost every week. Whilst my life is rarely eventful, my brain never takes a day off.

This also made me think about my writing — or lack thereof. I must create the impression I spend little time with my writing considering I share little of it. What doesn’t come across is all the ideas and plans I scrap or put on hold. Only a fraction of what pops into my brain makes it to the page, and an even smaller fraction of what does get written is shared on the Internet.

So I decided to make a long list of ideas I’ve had for this blog, which may or may not turn into future content. I understand it’s arguably tedious to write content about content, let alone content about content that doesn’t exist. But I thought it might be fun to illustrate how I come up with ideas and say a bit more about myself.

Here are 15 items from the original much longer list of things I could write about on this blog but currently don’t:

1. Collections of my favourite things

For example: my list of 10 things that got me through January, which I wrote because I loved the format for my 21 things that got me through 2021.

However, despite committing to posting monthly lists, I just wasn’t feeling it for February. This is partly because I have commitment issues when it comes to writing. But moreover, the idea of needing “things that got me through” implies life is depressing, a rather negative connotation I don’t want to always put out there. A list of favourites, in contrast, is explicitly positive. So I’ll probably do this, but I think I’m through with setting myself monthly obligations.

2. Jobseeking mistakes

Looking for jobs was harder than I thought it was going to be when I made myself unemployed in 2019. Those difficulties only worsened once the pandemic hit in 2020 and the jobs market became even more fucked than it already was. I made a lot of mistakes before I found a new role in 2021 and I’m probably still making mistakes now. This would be a content goldmine if I was confident I’d actually learnt from them.

3. Walking logs

In 2020, I went on long daily walks — usually accompanied by an audio drama from Big Finish’s Doctor Who monthly range. But I’ve considered it might be worthwhile to ditch the earphones now and then to blog about my walks. Perhaps I might showcase things I stumble across or share thoughts I had whilst on the move. This might even encourage me to go on long walks again.

4. Whoblogging

Speaking of Doctor Who, before relaunching this site I nearly settled upon making a blog entirely dedicated to being a Whovian. I have a ridiculous number of Who-related ideas that encompass both the classic era, the modern revival and the extended universe. I still intend to write a post on getting into Big Finish’s intimidatingly large catalogue of audio adventures. I’d also love to write essays on how I think certain episodes squandered their potential or missed out on telling a more interesting story with the premise they offered.

5. A re-examination of my MA dissertation

I have a master’s degree in Playwriting, although you probably wouldn’t know it based on what I spend most of my time talking about now. The trouble is I was a very different person when I wrote my dissertation, and I can see the worst version of myself when I read it back. If I could bear to stomach it though, analysing everything wrong with it would make for some interesting content.

6. Theatre

Furthermore, I want to properly fall back in love with theatre more generally. Regretfully, I lost much of my enthusiasm during lockdowns. Volunteering with Brentwood Theatre helped me rediscover that joy for theatre, but I need to make going to the theatre a habit again. Perhaps turning theatre trips into content would serve as a motivator.

7. Music

Last year I talked about why I don’t really like to share what music I listen to. But I’ve thought a lot since about how sad it is to have lost my curiosity for music. Listening to music was my favourite pastime when I was a teen. I’ve considered trying to find that curiosity again and maybe documenting that journey.

Part of that curiosity could also include reflecting on my old passion for hip-hop music, how and why that passion changed, what I learnt from it at the time and what I’ve learnt now in retrospect.

8. Lefty learning

Whilst I’m not exactly quiet about where I lean on the political spectrum, I’ve been hesitant to go into any great depth. The main reason for this is knowing I’m not as knowledgeable as I’d like to be and not as smart as I pretend to be. But I might get around to sharing what I’ve learnt/learning.

9. Mental health

I’m also quite open about being mentally unwell, and I could chart my journey (so far) of building confidence and something that resembles self-esteem. I could reflect on how my mental health has changed over the years, whilst also discussing my experiences with mental health support services.

10. Personal essays

I’m keen to give writing personal essays a go, especially after reading Tim Kreider’s We Learn Nothing. Subjects I’m interested in covering include loneliness, struggling with making art, how politics influence even the most minute details of our personal lives, envisioning utopia, soul-destroying work, among many other things.

11. Recording everything I hate about LinkedIn

I mentioned this idea as an off-hand remark in my seventh newsletter, but I’ve often entertained writing a series of posts that showcase why I think LinkedIn sucks.

12. Blogging under a heteronym

Whilst pseudonyms are a false name for an author to write under, a heteronym is an imagined character the author creates who is separate from them. Heteronyms grant the writer freedom to adopt a different voice, style and perspective.

Sometimes I wish I’d never publicly declared my writing ambitions and limited my existence online to a heteronym. Alas, I’m in too deep now. But creating a heteronym and giving them space on this site could be fun. Or maybe I’ll create my heteronym and keep them a secret…

13. Get to know me better

You know how some bloggers do those “facts about me” type posts? I want to get around to posting about TV shows, films, books, games, etc. that best reflect my interests today, which will double as a list of recommendations.

14. Copywriting

When I launched this blog, I wanted to keep it separate from what I might do as a day job. So no mention of marketing, copywriting, etc. However, in the interests of streamlining my work and appearing more employable, there is a growing temptation to allow the labour I sell to survive to cohabit this space where I share my hobbies.

15. Publishing

I spent a significant amount of time in 2020 as a publishing hopeful and learnt a fair deal about the industry. Whilst I wouldn’t say I’ve left publishing ambitions completely behind, I’m less fixated on finding a place within the industry. It would be a shame to allow all that research to go to waste, though, wouldn’t it?