Finally caught the Wordle bug

My Wordle guesses for 10th – 13th March

When the Wordle trend started, I didn’t care much for it. I wasn’t bothered by a bunch of black, yellow and green squares flooding my timeline, and I wasn’t intrigued either. It was just a thing other people did.

Then last week I was on a train and didn’t have a book with me. Bored, I decided to give this Wordle game a go.

Now I’m hooked.

My guesses for Wordles 16, 165, 181, 216, 65 and 200

Then I discovered I can go back and play all the previous Wordles thanks to Devang Thakkar’s Wordle archive.

So guess what I spent a chunk of my time doing yesterday instead of the work I was supposed to do.

My guesses for Wordles 160, 34, 136, 258, 158, 248, 104, 56 and 209

It turns out Josh Wardle had good reason to limit the game to one word per day, it’s pretty addictive.

My guesses for Wordles 116, 3, 147, 33, 126 and 52

Recording all my guesses in my journal might appear fruitless, but I felt that a) it best illustrated what I was preoccupied with yesterday, and b) I might learn something.

For example, I can see how my different combos of AUDIO + SMELT, CRATE + WOULD and LASER + TONIC compare with each other.

I might try Marian Keyes’ recommended opening word next and see the results.