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I’m a huge book-lover and always have two or more books on the go. At the end of every year (since 2020), I write a list of my favourite books I read over the past 12 months. I also, occasionally, write individual book reviews.

Some of my favourite book reviews that I’ve written:

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10 thoughts on “All the Birds in the Sky” by Charlie Jane Anders

Earlier this month, I re-read All the Birds in the Sky by Charlie Jane Anders, which I enjoyed so much more on a second reading. I’ve wanted to talk more about it since, however, I’ve never really gelled with any book review approach I’ve previously taken. An idea then came to me: what if I wrote my thoughts as a listicle? In my newsletter, I list 10 things I want to share from the past two weeks — mimicking Austin Kleon’s newsletter. So I thought I’d try using the same structure for a book review.