Welcome to my blog, or as I prefer to call it: my online journal.

Like a diary, my writing here is less polished and varied. My interests can often change, so when I become obsessed with something I tend to write about it. Here you’ll find posts mostly about books I’ve read, shows and films I’ve watched or how I’m trying to fit creative writing into a chaotic schedule. Sometimes I share political opinions, musings on social media and digital communication, Doctor Who thoughts, and overshare about my mental health, among other things.

Here is a curated archive of entries:


13-05: Books I’ve read in 2022 (Part 1)

30-03: Maybe social media isn’t for me
16-03: Thoughts and quotes from Sally Rooney’s “Beautiful World, Where Are You?”
14-03: 15 things I could blog about but currently don’t

28-02: Drawing badly and loving it
27-02: 10 thoughts on “All the Birds in the Sky” by Charlie Jane Anders

31-01: 10 things that got me through January (2022)
14-01: How I set up my Bullet Journal in 2022
13-01: Townscaper: Relaxing joy in building towns
12-01: My favourite playwriting notes from Mark Ravenhill
10-01: Reading goals (2022)
04-01: We All Hear Stories in the Dark: “a modern day Arabian Nights, mixed up with playing a game”


31-12: 21 things that got me through 2021
28-12: My favourite books of 2021
21-12: 7 thoughts on daily journaling
07-12: For Flux sake! — My review of Doctor Who: Flux
04-12: My current relationship with music (aka why I didn’t share my Spotify Wrapped)

30-11: November poems (2021)
23-11: From Zhōngguó and Sierra Leone to the village of Assington: How do places get their name?

19-10: Just the punctuation
05-10: Gaming for a non-gamer
01-10: Short film recommendation: Facing It

30-09: Do more, think less, enjoy the journey
27-09: Write lists
23-09: My brain is very loud sometimes

30-08: Birthday Blues
26-08: Five newsletters I like
23-08: Reading lists and red flag books

30-07: Ten lessons I’ve learnt so far from starting to write a novel

18-06: On kindness vs. niceness
16-06: Winner of the Green Shoots Writing Competition 2021
11-06: Always writing, never written
01-06: Monsters in the Closet

23-04: Escapril 2021 – Day 23: Clock
18-04: Escapril 2021 – Day 18: Nightmare
07-04: Escapril 2021 – Day 7: Naked
05-04: Escapril 2021 – Day 5: Here’s what I remember…


18-12: My favourite books of 2020

07-02: I recommend “Someone Who Will Love You In All Your Damaged Glory” by Raphael Bob-Waksberg

31-01: 10 Reasons to Move Home After Finishing University