For Flux sake! — My review of Doctor Who: Flux

Promotional poster for Doctor Who Flux featuring from left to right: John Bishop, Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill.

Chris Chibnall, current showrunner of Doctor Who, opted to make the most recent series of the show a single story split into six parts. It was a decision I still admire; I’ll always appreciate efforts to try something different with the show. However, the season’s conclusion failed to deliver on all the promise of its early parts.

As I have so many thoughts, I decided I’d post them here. Consider this my first TV review on this blog.

Whilst I don’t spoil everything from the series in this review, there are some big things I either explicitly mention or hint at. I couldn’t really give my full opinion without some major spoilers. So if you’re not caught up, I’d recommend giving this review a miss. This is your one and only spoiler warning.

Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor says "Spoilers"

Also, I hope it goes without saying, but if you disagree with me and thoroughly enjoyed the series then that’s great. I sincerely love that for you. I’m happy to let you enjoy things if you’re content to let me not enjoy things.