Sunday Sharing #9: How to create an author press kit, an AI advent calendar, when you stop feeling things and more

The AI Weirdness Advent Calendar 2021. Open the doors on the AI Weirdness website.

The penultimate Sunday Sharing of the year before I switch my focus to some end-of-year reflective posts and make plans for what my blog will look like in 2022.

Whilst I have started a new draft for a fiction piece, most of this week’s writing can be viewed on my blog. This includes three poems I wrote and a piece on my relationship with music. My fourth newsletter also went out earlier this week.

For this reason, I’ve decided to just share a list of 10 things I’ve read from around the web this week. And I read quite a number of things, so narrowing down this list to 10 was hard. But here’s what I settled on:

  1. From Sam Missingham‘s latest edition of The Empowered Author newsletter: this excellent guide on creating an author press kit from Susan Neal. | Author Media
  1. The same excellent newsletter directed me to John Wiswell’s invaluable Twitter thread on how he submits short stories. The Nebula-winning author has also compiled this thread into an easy-to-read blog post on his Patreon. | Twitter
  1. Hussein Kesvani relaunched his newsletter last month with a new title: The Draft Folder. I think his piece on “Why Productivity and Motivation #Content Is A Political Project Too” is very much worth a read. | Substack