My current relationship with music (aka why I didn’t share my Spotify Wrapped)

Spotify logo overlaid with a read seal that says: TOP SECRET CLASSIFIED.

I’ve always been more of a lurker than a poster, and that didn’t change when Spotify Wrapped dropped earlier this week. I’ve loved seeing people share the highlights from their year in music, even noting a few songs to check out for myself. But you won’t catch me sharing my Spotify Wrapped.

My current relationship with music feels different to the relationship other people appear to have with their favourite songs. I’ve become quite private about what music I listen to.

I’ve often wondered why I feel this way, so I took to my journal to free-write about it in the hopes of coming up with some answers. There are four reasons I came up with to explain my relationship with music, which I thought would be fun to discuss in a blog post. 

So here’s why I didn’t share my Spotify Wrapped…