Sunday Sharing #4: Naming fictional characters, final girls, why every house is haunted and more

Arthur Morgan approaches the robot bartender – screenshot from “The MODDED Wacky West

My last list of 10 things I felt worth sharing over the past week for October.

I’ve quite enjoyed the format and it has been good practice for if I ever start sending out my newsletter out on a weekly basis in the style of Austin Kleon (who moved his newsletter to Substack last week). But I also might try experimenting with a different format.

But that’s a decision for next week. For this week, here are 10 more things I enjoyed reading/viewing that I wanted to share…

  1. Alison Stine on how you should name your fictional characters.
  1. Launched this month: Alternative Leftist Entertainment. You can also follow them on Twitter for regular updates. I can’t yet claim to be familiar with everyone’s work. But I have followed the Going Medieval blog, run by Dr. Eleanor Janega, for a little while now. The blog “exists to explain the medieval influences on the everyday world,” and you can check out the A-Z Index of all the different subjects Janega has covered. Her most recent post focuses on looking in the past for a better future, which is definitely worth reading. I’d also highly recommend reading her post on courtly love, sexual coercion, and killing your idols.