A letter to Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden, protagonist from the anime of the same name, stands in front of a background of numerous unopened envelopes floating around her.

Dear Violet Evergarden,

You have reawakened my longing to pen letters. So I thought I would write one to you.

I do not know war or the scars combat leaves. Your trauma is not the kind of trauma I know. I do not — and probably never will — burn like you. Only you know the inferno. But I have been touched by fire, although never engulfed by flames. But still, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for demonstrating that none of us is defined by our burns. We do not end where the fire begins.


Sunday Sharing #6: Drawing fictional maps, surviving the world through fictional disasters, Violet Evergarden and more

This week, the end of my day job’s fixed-term contract was brought forward by two weeks, once again leaving me unemployed. I’m okay, though. My future job prospects are positive. However, it does mean that I’ve spent more time working on my CV and attempting to set up a portfolio site, which hasn’t left me much time or energy to be creative.

So here’s what I have to share from my week, including what I have managed to write, read and watch. And then finishing up with a list of 10 things with links to stuff I’ve read/listened to from around the web.